COCryL / TMS Cryptography Pack is a cross-platform cryptographic library including the following algorithms:

– AES (ECB, CBC, OFB, CTR, GCM, MAC) for byte sequences, character strings and files

– SPECK (ECB, CBC, OFB) for byte sequences, character strings and files

– SALSA 20

– RSA OAEP and PSS (2048 to 4096 bits)

– EdDSA 255-19 and 511-187

– ECIES with curves 255-19 and 511-187

– SHA 2 (256 and 512 bits)

– SHA 3 (including XOF)

– HMAC-SHA-256 and 512


– Argon2

– Blake2D

– RIPEMD-160


– converters

The developer manual is here and a demo app there. The library has been tested with Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual Studio C++ and GCC and runs on Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Linux with C/C++, Objective C, Object Pascal and Java interfaces.

The library is distributed as the TMS Cryptography Pack by TMS Software for Delphi and C++ Builder environments.

TimeAcct and Magister Software use COCryL in their commercial products.

File Integrity Verification Environment (FIVE) demo version is available for download : FIVEsetup

Simple Encryption Tool is a secure email client that only reads and writes encrypted emails sent by other SET users. Key management is fully integrated and simplified to the maximum extent.

Security certificates can be generated for different email accounts per single user (for instance, for a professional email account and a private email account).

Use for one month is free of charge and unlimited. Then, a valid license is required.

No password is stored on line. All keys are randomly generated. Only the main email address and the license number are stored on line.

Algorithms used in SET are the AES, with 256 bit keys, SHA-256 and the Ed255-19 curve.

Have a look at our security « white paper« .












Secure Hash Algorithm Verification Engine (SHAVE) is hash generation programme implementing SHA 256.

TextoCrypt has been designed to send and receive encrypted text messages simply and almost transparently for the user.
The only prerequisite is to exchange your certificate with the ones of your correspondents. Then, you can send and receive text messages as usual.
TextoCrypt generates a certificate containing a public key during installation. Once this certificate has been sent to all relevant recipients, key management is fully transparent. Encryption keys are renewed every 24 hours. Text messages are stored encrypted on the smartphone.
TextoCrypt uses the AES in CBC mode for encryption, ECIES for key management and elliptic curve « 255-19 » for public/private key pairs.
No data (private or contact) is stored on-line.
TextoCrypt is not the default text messaging app and users can keep their standard text messaging app and use it whenever they want. Encrypted text messages sent and received with TextoCrypt will appear « scrambled » in the standard app.

Cryptographic services are described in the security white paper.